Sportsfizzio’s cancellation policy applies to all appointments and classes.

We understand that circumstances may occur where you need to change or cancel a scheduled appointment. We request that you provide us with the maximum notice possible. 

Fizzio Clinics uses an email and SMS confirmation and reminder system to ensure that you are given the maximum time to make a change if required. Online bookings receive an automated confirmation at the time of booking and an email/SMS reminder >24 hrs before the scheduled appointment.

Appointments that are cancelled with 24 hours notice, either via our online booking/cancellation process, via email or SMS or by calling 1300 693 499, will not incur any cancellation fee.

Cancellation Fee

Cancellation within these 24 hours may incur a cancellation fee under the following circumstances. 

  1. No shows, defined as when a client misses an appointment without cancelling or communicating, will be charged 100% of the scheduled appointment fee during the next visit.
  2. Late cancellation, defined as cancelling with 2 hours or less notification, will be charged 100% of the scheduled fee at the next appointment unless that appointment is filled.

Please note that Medicare, Workcover, and DVA will not pay for late cancellation or ‘no shows’ and any fee incurred will be the client’s responsibility.

Fizzio Clinics, at its discretion, can apply a one (1) free late cancellation or ‘no show’. After that, you will be charged a late cancellation or ‘no-show’ fee per violation. Repeated no shows will result in future appointments requiring full pre-payment and payment of any outstanding cancellation fees before a new booking can be confirmed.

Exceptions to this policy may be made for immediate emergencies only (e.g. medical emergencies, car breaking down on the way, accidents) or at the clinic’s discretion. Emergencies do not include last-minute work commitments, family commitments, change of plans or forgetfulness.